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Just picked up my new Nissan, I love it!! Great friendly service and Damien Crowley really looked after me, can't recommend them enough!! -Lindy Meehan


Holden Warranty

Holden genuine parts are designed and manufactured to strict exacting standards. No compromises are made, ensuring parts are of the highest quality. The durability and reliability of Holden genuine parts ensures the part performs as it should, and in turn, so does your Holden. Holden genuine parts are easier to fit because they fit right the first time, every time. A 2-year/50,000km warranty covers all Holden genuine parts giving you peace of mind. Keeping your Holden Genuine will also help maximise the resale value of your vehicle when it’s time to buy a new Holden.

Only Holden genuine accessories are designed and manufactured with the vehicle. They’re also comprehensively tested by Holden engineers in accordance with Holden’s own demanding standards and Australian Design Rules (ADRs). You’ll receive a generous warranty when genuine parts are fitted by a Holden dealer to your new vehicle. Finally, Holden Genuine Accessories are sold and supported by the Australia wide Holden dealer network, so wherever you go, you are covered.

Mitsubishi Warranty

Mitsubishi genuine parts and accessories are designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance, first time, every time. Using Mitsubishi genuine parts is the best way to protect your investment.

We are committed to delivering value for money and all Mitsubishi genuine parts are competitively priced and ensure you have the best quality parts fitted to your vehicle.

Mitsubishi genuine parts, lubricants, chemicals and accessories also provide you with peace of mind as they are covered by our
1-year/20,000km nationwide warranty. Look for the Mitsubishi logo for your symbol of quality.

Always insist on genuine Mitsubishi replacement parts, lubricants, chemicals and accessories

Subaru Warranty

Genuine Subaru parts have been designed and engineered to the highest quality standards and must meet precise specifications to fit right, perform better and last longer. That can mean fewer trips to your retailer for repairs and more kilometres of confident, trouble-free driving.

Genuine Subaru parts perform better, longer. Subaru’s pursuit of building high quality vehicles extends beyond your car. Genuine Subaru parts have been designed, tested and manufactured according to the factory’s detailed specifications.

All Subaru genuine parts and accessories come with a manufacturer’s warranty: When you have them fitted at the time you purchase your new vehicle (or at your first scheduled service by Neil Beer Seymour) you get a 3-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty. When you purchase accessories and have them fitted by Neil Beer Seymour any other time you get a 2-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty. When you purchase accessories from Neil Beer Seymour at any other time, you get 12-month/unlimited kilometre warranty.

Nissan Warranty

Nissan genuine parts and accessories are designed just for your Nissan and tested to comply with Australian Design rules. They’re built to exacting standards to give you excellent reliability and performance.

If Nissan genuine parts are purchased and fitted at the time of purchase by Neil Beer Seymour, they are covered by Nissan’s 1-year or 20,000km warranty or the balance of the new vehicle warranty (whichever is greater). Nissan genuine parts purchased over the counter are covered by Nissan’s 1 year or 20,000km warranty (whichever comes first).

Nissan genuine accessories are designed specifically for your Nissan and are backed by Nissan’s 3-year or 100,000km new vehicle warranty when fitted to a vehicle by Neil Beer Seymour at the time of vehicle purchase. If you purchase after the delivery of your vehicle and have it fitted by Neil Beer Seymour, Nissan genuine accessories will be covered by Nissan’s 1-year or 20,000km warranty or balance of the new vehicle warranty (whichever is greater). Nissan genuine accessories purchased over the counter are covered from sale date by Nissan’s 1-year or 20,000km warranty (whichever happens first).

Parts & Accessories


For all of your genuine parts and accessories for Holden, Mitsubishi, Nissan or Subaru, please call in or phone Mark or Tyson. We will be more than happy to help you with your next purchase, whether it be for general servicing, breakdown or you just want to dress up your new or existing car.

We carry a large range of parts and accessories, or if it’s not in stock, we can order it in from the manufacturers usually within 1 to 3 days (conditions apply).

Please call for a price. We are committed to delivering value for money and all genuine parts are competitively priced.